Alexis Fentress - REALTORĀ®

With a background rooted in the retail industry and as the proprietor of a Christian clothing line, my journey into real estate was a deliberate departure from conventional expectations. Raised with the belief that a secure and promising future was guaranteed through traditional education and a 'good job,' I discovered a profound transformation in my mindset after delving into Robert Kiyosaki's, "Rich Dad Poor Dad."

Embracing this newfound perspective, I strategically reorganized my professional life. This adjustment facilitated my immersion into real estate, as I passionately pursued my first investment property—a venture that unfolded with remarkable speed and fervor. The absence of inspections, appraisals, and the reliance on all-cash transactions initially invoked trepidation, yet, by the venture's conclusion, I found myself enamored with the world of real estate, experiencing a renewed sense of joy!

Motivated by this initial success, I replicated the process, amassing further investments before committing wholeheartedly to a career in real estate. Transitioning away from my clothing line and serving notice at my prior occupation, I wholeheartedly embraced the vast opportunities inherent in real estate.

My intrinsic desire to assist others has been a constant throughout my professional journey, evident in my previous role in sales. Over the years, my appreciation for real estate has deepened, recognizing its transformative power and capacity for creating opportunities. I am profoundly humbled and grateful for my current position, and my aspiration is to impart the knowledge I've gained to those willing to lend an ear.